Increase Stem Cells using Hyperbaric Chamber at Asian Stem Cell Institute (ASCI)
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A hyperbaric chamber is the best environment for Maximizing the benefits of oxygen on the body. When a patient is inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber I or she is exposed to Pure oxygen under high pressure. As a result, very high levels of oxygen are dissolved in the blood.
Let's take note That the regular air we breathe is not Pure oxygen. Only 20 percent of it is oxygen. We must ALSO CONSIDER That When we are breathing regular air 95percent of the oxygen we inhaled That is absorbed by red blood cells carry it THROUGHOUT That the body.
During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, higher-than-average pressure Directly Carries oxygen to our tissues and not just our red blood cells. It is this Increased concentration of oxygen in the body That Provides many benefits to professional athletes.
At the ASCI, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Also holds benefit for pathologic conditions; Also it is used as adjunctive therapy for stem cell medicine Because It Has Been found to Increase the number of stem cell in the body.
Whether to be Treated for pathological conditions, or for preventive and anti-aging therapies, patients Those in the Philippines and abroad, Have Been coming to the Asian Stem Cell Institute (ASCI) in the Medical Plaza Ortigas -Pasig City, to Have Their Concerns addressed. Founded in 2008 by Dr. Cristina Puyat, MD., Who is Also the clinic's Medical Director, The ASCI is the premier and MOST comprehensive anti-aging center in the Philippines.
The clinic, designed by Dr. Puyat Also, you have to clean, comfy, and relaxed ambiance - more reminiscent of hotel spa rather than a stem cell treatment center. Facing the leather couches and center table is a huge flat screen TV May Where guests watch movies while waiting for Their Their test results or treatments.
Behind the sliding doors surrounding the lobby and reception areas are consultation and treatment rooms That span the complex; two class 100,000 Clean Rooms for Operations; multiple treatment rooms; Entire an infusion compounding and wing devoted to Aesthetics; With a facility hyperbaric oxygen equipment; and two-in-house Class 10 Sterile laboratory facilities.
WHO Patients undergo stem cell harvesting via Peripheral Blood Collection, tumescent liposuction, and / or bone marrow extraction, are Accommodated in the surgical suites. Nutritional IV therapy, therapy and other treatments hydrocolon May be done in one of many other treatment rooms.
While one laboratory functions as a processing area for stem cells and other cellular therapy, the other IS WHERE customized nutritional supplements and nutraceutical medicines are made. Both laboratories are kept With safety and security systems to monitor sterile conditions and Prevent contamination.
The hyperbaric chamber to patient to Pure Exposes under high-pressure oxygen as a treatment by itself, or as an adjunctive, supportive treatment for stem cell treatments. Studies Have Shown That a hyperbaric oxygen chamber Helps to Increase number of stem cells in a patient's body.
All of the clinic's equipment and laboratories are designed to Facilitate treatments and therapies to patients safely and Effectively. In particularly, They serve to put patients Through the four pillars of ASCI's preventive and anti-aging program, Which include: Detoxification; Hormone Balancing; Vitamin and Nutraceutical Supplementation; and Cellular Therapy.
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