Ucayali, Pucallpa
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Wide Plank Flooring, Antique, Distressed, Rustic

 Our wide plank flooring comes in widths ranging from 3 inches-24 inches and lengths of 21
foot. There are many different types of wide plank flooring, all of which are highly durable
 and easily maintained. Some examples of flooring that we offer are:
1. The All-American Pub Flooring (typically a commercial grade, it is appealing to clients
looking for a highly rustic look).
2. Standard & Rare Antique Woods
3. Antique Heart Pine
4. Old Growth Woods
5. New Country Red & White Oaks
6. Tiger Maple/Rift & Quartered Oaks
7. Stairs, Treads, Bull Nose, Vents & More
There are two grades available: Original Kerfs: the original patina that
 has developed on the surface of the planks. Skip-Planed: the top surface
 of the planks will be run through a skip-planer to ever so lightly expose
 fresh wood.